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When you first notice water infiltration, it’s essential to determine how water is entering a structure. That’s not always as simple as it might seem.

Our first priority is to figure out how water is entering a structure. Then we stop any flow. Only after a situation is contained do we begin to assess any damage and suggest repairs.


If your damaged property is new construction, we will partner with trusted inspectors, attorneys, and your insurance company to get work done quickly and efficiently. Repairing faulty construction is a specialty!

Whether located in new or existing structures, Excel Construction will work with you and your insurance company to quickly and economically correct water damage issues. And after our experienced work crews finish your job, you’ll feel great knowing any problems have been taken care of. We guarantee your satisfaction.


As experienced remodelers, we understand how to quickly and efficiently complete your job. Our skilled designers will work closely with you to make your dreams into an affordable reality. We’ll partner with you from initial idea to last paint stroke.

A building’s exterior shell is protected with cladding. Cladding is an industry term for the chosen exterior finish. Whatever cladding you choose, you’re assured of a quality installation. Check out our Portfolio page for examples of our work!

As a full–service construction company, Excel Construction also installs:


Often, foreclosed properties require system upgrades and cosmetic enhancements before they’re ready for sale. Few prospective owners are willing to pay for what they consider to be minimal maintenance or upkeep, so if you want top dollar for a foreclosed property, call us. Excel Constructions’ experienced crews will quickly and efficiently get a property looking good and up to code. That means more money for you!


Most people who have mold issues first notice a problem with black film in showers, under windows, alongside doors, or sometimes on floors. This usually occurs where standing water is found.

Mold can severely impact your health. Asthma, allergies, and headaches may result.

Whether caused by a leak, a flood, capillary action, or condensation, our first priority is to examine the problem and eliminate the water source.

In an emergency situation such as flooding, there is a limited time period to determine the extent of the damage and to file insurance claims. During this initial discovery period, Excel Construction’s microbiologist will evaluate conditions, form a preliminary idea about the mold’s origin, identity, and location, and suggest containment strategies.

Our mold remediation services are thorough. We use fungicides to kill the spores, mold cleaners to remove staining and odors, and use fungicidal coatings in repair.

As a homeowner, it’s in your best financial interest to destroy mold. Any mold history must be disclosed to future buyers, so selling or leasing the property can be made more difficult. Also, most insurance policies have a limit on mold liability; it’s not unusual for property owners to have to pay a sizable balance.

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