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Water Intrusion

Since the 1970s oil crisis, homes have been built with ever–greater energy efficiency in mind. The need to conserve energy while maintaining comfort led to many structural design changes.

A popular inexpensive change was adding more insulation to walls and ceilings. Soon, new construction used six inches—or more.

Another change was adding vapor barriers within walls. This plastic wrap keeps energy in and weather out. While it cuts down on drafts, it also prevents walls from “breathing” and moisture can’t escape.

Other ingenious new products were rapidly invented and installed in new or remodeled structures. Unfortunately, building components often need many years of real–world use before problems show up. Building codes are notoriously slow in regulating new construction methods. The result is that failed products surprise property owners with unexpected, and often expensive, maintenance costs.

Water problems can also result from improper installation of building products.

The majority of water intrusion problems aren’t caused by water seeping through a roof. Most occur in spots where holes are punched through walls. The most common routes for water infiltration are:

Water intrusion isn’t always obvious. Sure, you know there’s a problem when you see dripping water, discoloration, flaking paint, or bubbling wallboard. When water intrusion gets to that point, you’ve got a real problem because mold is probably growing, hidden behind the sheetrock.

These problems don’t just happen in new houses—or in old houses. Water intrusion can happen anytime, anywhere. The trick is to notice water intrusion as soon as possible and immediately contact Excel Construction. As experts in the water remediation business with 12 years of experience, we will investigate the moisture’s source, recommend repair, deal with your insurance company or builder, and make your home as good as new.

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